A new strain of Corona virus appears in Vietnam

Where did the 2019 coronavirus disease outbreak start?

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A new strain of corona virus appears in Vietnam

New strains and mutations of Corona virus do not stop appearing in various countries of the world, and the latest of these strains is the recently announced Vietnamese strain. Is this strain more dangerous than its predecessors?

The official authorities in Vietnam stated that they had detected the beginning of the spread of a new strain of the emerging corona virus among its citizens, and this strain is a hybrid that combines the Indian strain and its British counterpart, and is believed to be faster spreading than many other strains.

The official bodies in Vietnam intend to publish more accurate information about the traits of this strain if researchers find more information about it soon, but what we know so far is that the Vietnamese strain is likely to be able to spread at a faster rate than other previous strains.

According to some preliminary laboratory research, it was observed that the new strain is able to replicate itself at a very fast pace, which may explain its rapid spread in Vietnam. The data available so far indicate that this strain tends to transmit quickly through the air, and that the levels of the virus that may be present in the fluids of the throat area begin to rise at an accelerated rate, so that the virus moves from the infected person to the surrounding environment quickly.

It should be noted that Vietnam was one of the countries that managed to keep the pandemic under control for many months in a way that made it the focus of the praise of many international health authorities, but only a few weeks ago, Vietnam returned to witness the return of infections and deaths caused by Corona to rise again.

It is believed that the reason for this rise may be the new strain, as infections with the new strain have been detected in 30 Vietnamese provinces out of 63 provinces in the country of Vietnam until now.

WHO statements

According to the World Health Organization, the current information available about the new strain is still insufficient, and WHO representatives in Vietnam have already begun working with researchers there to study the new strain more closely in a way that will soon enable us to learn more about this strain.

However, according to the data currently available, researchers and WHO officials believe that the Vietnamese strain is the same as the Indian strain (which is scientifically known as B.1.617.2), but often with an additional mutation or mutations that are still being investigated.

So far, 7 different strains of the emerging corona virus have been monitored in Vietnam, including the British strain as well as the Indian strain. And the World Health Organization had announced in previous statements that the worrying strains of the Corona virus are 4 strains, and they include: the Brazilian strain, the British strain, the Indian strain, and the strain that was monitored in South Africa.

source : wikipedia

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