Diet and hidradenitis suppurativa

Diet and hidradenitis suppurativa: What's the connection?

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Does diet help hidradenitis suppurativa?

Diet and hidradenitis suppurativa , There is currently no cure for HS. There are also limited treatment options available. For this reason, people often look for alternative therapies and lifestyle changes they can make, such as changes to their diet.

Diet and hidradenitis suppurativa: What’s the connection?

hidradenitis suppurativa , When it comes to dietary changes to manage HS, however, there is no one-size-fits-all model. What works for one person may have an opposite effect on someone else. Though there may not be a specific HS dietary plan that works for everyone, there may be dietary plans that work better than others.

Growing evidence suggests that making certain dietary changes may have an impact on HS. Keep reading for more information about what current research has to say about how certain diets can impact HS symptoms.

Keto diet

hidradenitis suppurativa , The ketogenic, or keto, diet is a popular option for people looking to lose weight. The diet encourages eating a high amount of fats, a moderate amount of protein, and a small amount of carbohydrates. According to one article, this amounts to about 20–50 grams Trusted Source of carbs per day.

The idea of the diet is to force the body to use fat as an energy source and reduce its dependence on carbs as energy. There are currently no studies that look directly at how a keto diet would affect HS symptoms.

Since keto diets limit carbs and sugars, they may be helpful based on some research that suggests that reducing sugar and simple carb intake can help with symptoms. Other low carb diets may also provide some symptom relief.

However, a person should discuss this diet with their doctor before trying it.

Paleo diet

The Paleolithic, or paleo, diet encourages people to eat only the foods that primitive humans had access to.

According to Harvard Health, this includes:

  • seeds
  • fish
  • lean meats
  • nuts
  • low glycemic fruits and vegetables

The idea behind the paleo diet is that people should eat whole foods and avoid processed foods for optimal health.

There are no studies that look directly at the paleo diet’s impact on HS. However, like the keto diet, the paleo diet may be beneficial for some people living with HS.

If a person eats nuts and fish that are high in omega-3, they may see some symptom relief. According to one review, omega-3 may help with reducing inflammation.

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