Myocarditis in adolescents who received corona vaccines

Can Covid vaccine cause heart problems?

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Can Covid vaccine cause heart problems?

After obtaining approval and actually starting to use them for teenagers, it was noted that some coronavirus vaccines have led to the development of certain heart complications in a small number of teenagers in the United States of America, so should we worry?

Myocarditis in adolescents who received corona vaccines

According to recent reports from American doctors, 7 cases of teens who had symptoms similar to a heart attack were admitted to a hospital in the US state of Oregon, and these teens had previously received coronavirus vaccines, and had not previously been exposed to infection with the emerging coronavirus.

According to the doctors’ reports, the adolescents had symptoms such as chest pain, general discomfort and fever, which at first glance thought they might mean a heart attack. Later, it turned out that the teenagers, aged 14-19 years, were in fact suffering from a very rare type of heart infection. It is myocarditis.

And myocarditis is a rare type of heart infection that the official health authorities had recently begun investigating its relationship to Corona virus vaccines, after a number of cases of infection were received by people who received Corona virus vaccines.

On the positive side, none of the teenagers’ condition was critical or serious, and their bodies showed a quick positive response to the treatments that were given to them in the hospital, and their condition improved within only a few days.

Some experts believe that teenagers and children may be more likely than adults to develop immediate and strong reactions once they receive coronavirus vaccines , including symptoms such as: fever, headache, and general malaise.

Myocarditis and Vaccines

The cases of myocarditis that were recorded in the seven adolescents are not the first cases of myocarditis that are medically recorded around the world, as the number of registered cases of people who developed this type of health problem after receiving vaccinations reached nearly 300 cases, which is a small percentage compared to the numbers that Vaccines received so far.

Experts at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are due to meet soon to discuss this type of health complication, to investigate its relationship to vaccines and whether myocarditis is indeed a possible side effect of some coronavirus vaccines.

However, according to the statements of some experts, these cases are rare, and the majority of those who developed these complications have fully recovered after obtaining the necessary medical care, and given that the cases that have been registered are very few, this may be reassuring, as it may mean The chances of developing myocarditis after receiving vaccinations are small.

source : wikipedia

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