Neck pain from the front

Can stress cause pain in front of neck?

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Can stress cause pain in front of neck?

Stress also has a physical effect on the muscles in your neck. As you tense up, the tightness in your neck muscles contributes to neck pain. Chronic neck pain can also be a cause of irritability, fatigue, and even depression that can add a lot of stress to your life.

Neck pain from the front

The neck pain  (Neck pain) One of the nagging problems that plague many people, and often neck pain from the back , but sometimes, the pain from the front occur, and this is due to some reasons related to health, what is the most important causes of neck pain from the front?

Causes of neck pain from the front

Among the most important and prominent causes of neck pain from the front are the following:

1- acute thyroiditis

It is a rare inflammation of the thyroid gland that occurs due to infection, radiation, medication, or trauma, and if infection occurs, it will lead to a defect in the immune system, and the immune system begins to fight the thyroid gland and consider it an enemy.

The most prominent symptoms of acute thyroiditis are : sore throat, fever, and pain in the front of the neck. Thyroiditis can lead to several complications, such as; Heart problems, anemia, and increased chances of developing diabetes (Diabetes).

This health problem requires taking some medications prescribed by the doctor, which help treat the causes of inflammation.

2- Retropharyngeal abscess

It is a pus in the tissues at the back of the throat, and this abscess is accompanied by a group of symptoms such as; Sore throat, loss of appetite, fever, shortness of breath, as well as neck pain from the front.

 It is one of the rare problems that poses a threat to health, so you should consult a doctor as soon as these symptoms appear.

3- Ludwig’s angina pectoris

Ludwig’s angina, or Ludwig’s angina, differs from angina pectoris, which refers to heart pain due to coronary artery disease. Ludwig’s angina is a serious inflammation of the cell tissue in the mouth, and is considered a life-threatening health problem.

This angina occurs as a result of exposure to a serious bacterial infection below the tongue, which leads to the emergence of large swelling that makes the tongue rise upwards, and also causes the closure of the airway, and this problem results in several symptoms such as; Face and neck pain , fever, difficulty swallowing, difficulty moving the tongue, in addition to neck pain.

4- Epiglottitis

It is a very dangerous condition as a result of inflammation of the epiglottis , which is the small cartilage covering that covers the trachea, and thus prevents the flow of air to the lungs. There are several reasons for the occurrence of epiglottitis, such as; Drinking hot drinks and having a throat infection.

Symptoms are: shortness of breath, fever, sore throat, pain in swallowing, and neck pain from the front, and treatment of this problem must be started immediately after infection so as not to cause very difficult complications.

5- Head and neck cancer

One of the causes of neck pain from the front is suffering from some  types of cancer in the head and neck area , most notably: laryngeal cancer, nasal cavity cancer, nasopharyngeal cancer, and salivary gland cancer.

Most of these cancers begin in the flat cells (squamous) that form the thin surface layer of structures in the head and neck, and the most prominent symptoms: loss of appetite and significant weight loss, pain in the neck, and pain in the ear canal.

6- Viral infection in the larynx

Viral infection in the throat is one of the causes of neck pain from the front, as it leads to enlargement of the vocal cords and a change in the voice, and laryngitis results from suffering from colds or influenza.

The chances of developing laryngitis increase in people with weak immune systems, and symptoms include: hoarseness, sore throat, runny nose, difficulty speaking, coughing, and sometimes fever.

Treatment is to rest, drink plenty of warm fluids, and not strain the vocal cords.

7- Neck strain

Neck strain occurs when the ligaments connecting the neck bones are torn. Sudden neck movements can strain the neck, as can bumping the neck in an accident, fall or during exercise.

Therefore, care must be taken when moving the neck to maintain the strength of the bones in it, and it is also recommended to sleep on a high and comfortable pillow.

source : wikipedia

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