Walking after cesarean delivery

Can I go for a walk 5 days after c-section?

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Can I go for a walk 5 days after c-section?

For most moms, it will take four to six weeks to make a full recovery. Here’s what to expect during that time: 1 day later: You’ll be encouraged to walk around within the first 12 hours after delivery to help relieve gas buildup in the abdomen, and to eat something light as soon as you feel able.

Walking after cesarean delivery

The importance of walking after a caesarean sectionHere are a number of benefits of sticking to walking within 24 hours of undergoing a cesarean delivery:

  • Contributes to the expulsion of gases and thus relieve pain 
  • Reduces the risk of developing blood clots and exposure to various cardiovascular diseases. 
  • Helps restore normal bowel movement after the operation 

The correct way to walk after a caesarean section

Here are some tips for how and how long to walk after a caesarean section:

  • Start walking for no more than 5 minutes.
  • Gradually extend the duration of walking and at a pace commensurate with the individual’s ability.
  • Stop immediately if you feel pain
  • Obtaining medical advice regarding exercise in order to obtain the best results.

Tips when returning to exercise after a caesarean section

It is recommended to return to various exercises at least 6-8 weeks after the caesarean section, and the following are a number of special tips for returning to various exercises after the caesarean section:

  • Start exercising at low levels.
  • Stop when you feel any pain and get medical advice.
  • Return to strenuous and demanding sports such as jogging and resistance exercises at least 12 weeks after the caesarean section , and after making sure that you do not feel pain when doing any of them.

Exercises to help recover from a cesarean delivery

The following are a number of light exercises that contribute to recovery from a cesarean delivery:

  • Belly breathing 

It is one of the best relaxation exercises that contribute to retraining the basic muscles to work with each other, and it can be practiced by following the following steps:

  1. Lie on a bed or sofa.
  2. Put the hands on the stomach and relax.
  3. Take a deep breath through the nose until you feel the stretching of the abdominal muscles in the hands.
  4. Exhale and then tighten the abdominal muscles towards the spine so that you feel their contraction, and maintain this position for 3 seconds.
  5. Repeat the exercise 3 times a day and 5-10 times.
  • Wall Sit

This exercise contributes to stimulating the work of the basic muscle groups, the muscles of the lower back, the pelvis, and the hamstrings in harmony, by following the following steps:

  1. Stand 30 – 70 centimeters from the wall.
  2. Slowly bend your back toward the wall, and then descend into a sitting position, maintaining a 90-degree angle between your hips and knees.
  3. Take a deep breath and then pull your abdominal muscles against the wall as you exhale.
  4. Maintain the last position for as long as possible, and then take a rest for 5 minutes and repeat the exercise 5 times.

Other procedures that aid recovery after a cesarean delivery الولادة

Here are a number of procedures that can be done besides walking after a cesarean delivery:

  • Obtaining pain relievers, especially during the first period, and after consulting the doctor supervising the case.
  • Get enough rest. 
  • Seek help, especially during the initial caesarean section. 
  • Maintaining cleanliness of the caesarean section wound clean by cleaning it daily and it dry. 
  • Refrain from carrying anything that is heavier than the weight of the newborn. 

source : wikipedia

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