9 symptoms that tell you that your body is full of toxins

How do I know if my body is full of toxins?

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How do I know if my body is full of toxins?

There are many symptoms and signs that indicate that your body is infected with toxins, what are the most prominent symptoms of these toxins?

9 symptoms that tell you that your body is full of toxins

The accumulation of toxins in the body may lead to severe infections in the skin, eyes , and stomach, and possibly tumors, asthma, neurological diseases, biological mutations and infertility, so you should beware of the causes of fast-spreading food and environmental pollutants.

Here are the main symptoms of poisoning:

Symptoms of poisoning

Among the most prominent symptoms of toxicity are the following:

1. Constipation

Colon or intestine large intestine is responsible for the treatment of toxins and eliminate them through the daily operation carried out by the intestines, but when it gets colon hurt it can not eliminate all the dirt from the digestive system properly, which leads to the accumulation of toxins along the wall of the colon, Constipation and flatulence  .

Therefore, you should drink plenty of water, exercise daily, and eat foods rich in fiber, as this may help you treat constipation, which is one of the symptoms of toxicity.

2. Mouth odor

If your breath is constantly bad and brushing doesn’t help , the cause may not lie in your teeth but in your digestive system that has been overrun with toxins.

The digestive system is an environment for good and bad bacteria. When you eat foods consisting of carbohydrate compounds, they break down into sugars that help in the growth of harmful bacteria, stimulating the accumulation of toxins in the system, and inciting the bad smell that comes out of your mouth.

Bad breath may also indicate problems with the kidneys, which are responsible for removing toxic chemicals from the blood through urine.

3. Muscle aches and cramps

Constant exposure to toxins from food products, household cleaning products, cosmetics and the environment activates your immune system and stress response. This gradually strains and weakens your body’s defense mechanism, and this affects the functions of your body organs, especially muscles.

Stressed muscles constrict capillaries, impeding the smooth flow of blood and oxygen , thus causing more stress and physical pain. You can relieve muscle soreness by massaging with natural oils.

4. Weight gain

Exposure to harmful chemicals and toxins caused by eating unhealthy foods, and not exercising, destroys the mechanisms for controlling natural weight in the body and leads to obesity.

Toxins may reduce the levels of hormones in your body, especially thyroid, estrogen, testosterone, cortisol, and insulin.

The thyroid gland controls your metabolism by secreting fat-burning hormones. When toxins slow down the secretion of this hormone, it can cause you to become obese.

The pancreas produces the hormone insulin, which regulates blood sugar, but when you eat unhealthy foods, your sugar level rises, which turns into fat over time.

5. Constant fatigue

If you feel  constantly tired and exhausted, the reason may lie in the accumulation of toxins in your digestive system that hinder the process of digestion and obtaining the nutrients necessary to produce the body’s energy.

6. Skin problems

The skin is a secondary detoxification organ in the body, and when there is an amount of toxins in the intestines and the liver is unable to filter the blood rich in poison, the skin tries to control the toxins by rash or excessive sweating.

Skin problems also occur as a result of toxins caused by some skin care products and makeup, when absorbed by the skin, it clogs the pores of the skin, causing acne, inflammation, eczema , wrinkles, and dark circles.

7. Mood swings

If you feel depressed, it may be due to the accumulation of food and environmental toxins in your body. Toxins derived from processed or genetically modified foods affect your mood greatly. Some synthetic substances, such as: aspartame, excrete toxins in the body and lead to severe depression .

8. Insomnia

The central nervous system is able to absorb some of the toxic compounds that travel to the brain and cause insomnia .

9. Excessive sweating

When toxins accumulate in your body, it means that your digestive system is unable to function efficiently, which leads to the flow of poison-laden blood from the digestive system to the liver, which works to cleanse it of toxins.

When the liver is overworked while it is doing its job, some symptoms may appear, including high body temperature and sweating. Sweating is a good way to rid your body of toxins.

source : wikipedia

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